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Windows Hosting with DotNetPanel

The control panel is very important in the web hosting arena as it can offer benefits to both the end-user and web hosting provider.  These programs are generally made to run on certain platforms and one of the best available for the Windows system is DotNetPanel.  Created by SMB SAAS Systems Inc., DotNetPanel is a […]

Introduction to VDS Hosting?

The great demand for more secure, reliable services has made virtualization technology increasingly popular in the web hosting industry.  While many customers are not ready to handle the costs and responsibility that comes along with a dedicated server, more are discovering that the shared hosting platform isn’t necessarily the best choice for mission-critical operations.  VDS […]

Benefitting From VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS, refers to a type of hosting where different customers host their sites a single physical server. They share the same internet connection and even the hardware itself. Sounds pretty much like shared hosting, right? Yes it does, but there are significant differences. A VPS is established by virtualization software which […]

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