Telehouse America Expands to China

Telehouse America has recently announced their expansion of data centers into China. Their Shanghai center will be their 39th globally. The opening of this data center represents a continuous global expansion covering 10 countries throughout 21 regions. Telehouse is a segment of the KDDI Corporation, a leader in international telecommunications services and colocation facilities.

The Location of the Data Center

The Shanghai center will be located in the Pudong District which is the central commercial and financial hub of the whole country. This was a collaboration with Shanghai Data Solutions Co. Ltd. The location is a perfect access point for many major corporations located in the area.

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The Data Center

This data center greatly surpasses industry standards to meet the needs of global business or all sizes. It’s equipped with the best power system’s with multiple layers of redundancy from different sources including power supplies, substations, uninterrupted power supplies and backup generators. This equipment is geared to guarantee the most impressive uptime ratings.

In addition to top notch power features, the data center will incorporate fire sensing equipment, multiple security levels including 24/7 security guards, video surveillance, metal detectors and facility access cards through numerous security gates. Also, the center will have multiple telecommunication providers. These include China Telecom and China Unicom. This allows for the most robust and accessible network.

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The Shanghai Data Center is the best-in-class for providing preventative equipment for the most secure and effective connectivity options available. This will allow both domestic and global customers to feel at ease. Telehouse will reinforce their Total Solution package by providing the best customer satisfaction in addition to setting the standard of operational excellence regardless of location.

Given that most of the customers of the Shanghai Data Center are international, they must offer the best features of every area. Telehouse’s commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed as many major corporations have chosen to call the Shanghai Data Center their home.

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As informational technology business needs continue to change and develop, data centers are popping up across the globe offering the best equipment available. Each location continues to top the others become the best-in-class. With so much vital information available on the internet, these precautionary measures are a must.

Telehouse is greatly expanding across the globe and proving that geographic location has no effect on connectivity and telecommunication issues. The world is truly becoming boundary less.

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