The Buzz Surrounding FireHost


For web developers and business owners looking to launch a serious web presence, then FireHost delivers a variety of secure cloud hosting platforms that don’t disappoint clients. The cloud hosting provider provides robust and reliable services without compromising quality. FireHost excels at offering enterprise security, managed support, and scalability and individual control. In addition to providing secure cloud server hosting, FireHost also delivers PCI 2.0 Compliant Cloud Hosting, HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting and High Traffic Cloud Hosting.

Secure Cloud Hosting

FireHost leads the industry when it comes to offering users a robust and flexible cloud hosting infrastructure. The company goes the extra mile when providing enterprise security which includes web application protection, real-time blocked hacking reports with origin mapping, HIPPA and PCI complainant, and SSL VPN access for enhanced secured cloud server management.

FireHost’s Managed Support includes 24/7/365 customer support via phone, ticket or live chat, daily backup snapshots with 30-day retention, monitoring of servers and applications with immediate action when necessary, and an impressive SLA guarantee promising 100% uptime which includes network and infrastructure.

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Furthermore, FireHost offers users independent scalable resources including memory (up to 84 GB), storage (up to 3 storage tiers available including SATA,SAS, and SSD), and processors (up to 8 processor cores). Detailed hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual server performance is also available.

PCI 2.0 Compliant Cloud Hosting

FireHost’s PCI 2.0 Compliant Cloud Hosting is an ideal solution for e-commerce ventures allowing business owners to spend more time focusing on expanding customer bases rather than exhausting valuable resources on administrative aspects of running a business.  Supported operating systems include 64-bit Windows Server 2008 and 64-bit Linux.  The PCI DSS Ready Plan offers users log management, vulnerability monitoring, antivirus protection, managed SSL Service, 1 Gps public& private network, two-factor authentication, and application & DB server isolation.

Managed security includes such features as redundant firewall protection, web application protection, and DoS/DDoS mitigation, monitored intrusion detection, managed 30 days backup snapshots,  proactive OS security patches and VPN/SSL server management.  The PCI DSS Ready Plan is designed for those serious about e-commerce growth starting at $845/month with no setup fees or contract required.

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HIPPA Cloud Hosting

FireHost’s HIPPA Ready Plan is very similar to the PCI Compliant Ready Plan when considering features and monthly service fees of $845; however, it’s designed more so for healthcare organizations. Regardless of the organization size, FireHost strives to protect sensitive patient and healthcare provider information. In addition to offering the same features and cloud hosting services, the plan also supports 64-bit Windows Server 2008 and 64-bit Linux operating systems.

High Traffic Cloud Hosting

If there’s one area of expertise FireHost is known for is high traffic hosting solutions.  Business owners with large e-commerce sites can truly appreciate a hosting provider that insulates online ventures from being attacked, thus ultimately going offline for indefinite periods of time. The High Traffic Plan offers users an array of features including multiple load balanced servers, available terabytes of storage, redundant enterprise-grade power infrastructure, full root-level access, 24/7/365 monitoring and response, and up to 8 processors/server, and 84 GB of memory/server.  The managed security features include the same as in the other cloud hosting plans.  The High Traffic hosting plan is available for business owners of any size; however, it’s best suited for mid-to-large size online ventures starting at $655/month.

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The buzz surrounding FireHost shouldn’t be ignored as it’s one of the leading scalable high-end cloud hosting providers that meets a wide range of needs. Whether looking for a reliable and robust cloud platform to support an e-commerce site, a healthcare organization in need of a secure hosting solution to protect patient information or dynamic hosting services to support heavy website traffic, FireHost accommodates individual hosting needs with a personal and professional quintessence.

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