The Gator Goes Green

Green hosting is becoming common these days as more companies have taken the initiative to power their data centers in cleaner ways.  Webmasters now have the choice of playing a role in conservation or continuing to contribute to the problem.  Perform a Google search on the term and the results will be overwhelmed with providers advertising promising technologies such as “sustainable websites”, “solar powered web servers” and “wind powered hosting”.  Some of these companies have been environmentally conscious from the very beginning while others have realized their negative impact on the planet and decided to make the switch.

Green is Good

Good Avocado, Think Host, Host Papa  – these are just a few of the well known companies in the web hosting industry that operate on renewable energy sources.  It seems like we can add Host Gator’s name to the list as well.  This past September, a user of the service suggested that Host Gator create icons clients could embed on their sites specifying a “green” status.   Apparently the people at Host Gator liked the idea, going out and posting slogans letting the public know they were undergoing an environmental make-over.  Quotes like “Powered by Texas Wind”, stirred the pot with reseller clients who then requested specific,  non-branded green labeling for their accounts.  It is reported that Host Gator is currently working on such developments to meet these demands.

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Host Gator is Seeing Green

The initial suggestions came shortly after an August announcement when Host Gator’s plan to offset its carbon emissions were revealed by Matthew Collins, President and CEO of Integrated Ecosystem Market Services.  Based in Chicago, the carbon consulting firm worked closely with Host Gator to develop an REC (renewable energy credit) program and set the change in motion.

In a recent blog posts, Collins spoke on the huge impact the IT sector has on our climate, touching on the fact that 3% to %4 of the electricity and its associated carbon emissions in the world are attributed to running data centers.  To play their role in making a difference, Host Gator has purchased RECs to compensate for 130% of the company’s electricity used to power and cool an abundance of servers for shared and reseller clients.  Additionally, all of Host Gator’s Houston-based RECs employ wind power that was generated in the state of Texas.  Collins added how most web hosts that purchase RECs typically get them from the least expensive location.

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While it’s definitely a huge step in a positive direction, the investment of RECs isn’t Host Gator’s only effort at conservation.  The company recently cut back on its environmental impact in the office by reducing paper use and recycling.  Host Gator also made the move to more efficient servers not too long ago.

A user responded to the original post in late September, commending Host Gator for making the change and working with socially responsible non-profit organizations.  It is good to see a company that purchases renewal energy credits and actually does something to make a difference by changing it’s practices.  Already known as one of the most reliable names in the business, it looks like the Gator has another worthy notch in its belt.

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