The Planet Introduces New Cloud Storage Service

A global leader in dedicated and managed hosting solutions, The Planet is enhancing its infrastructure in the terms of storage performance with cloud storage functionality.  This new service offers an on-demand, highly scalable solution that will ensure the stability large enterprises need to flourish in today’s business environment.

Last week, The Planet announced that the new cloud storage service will be limited in availability to its existing hosting clients.  Rob Walters, General Manager of The Planet’s storage and data protection division, says the service offers a world of new opportunities as customers can extend their hosted environments right into the cloud storage facility.  The cloud storage platform is geographically distributed, providing customers with the ability to upload to the local network node along with a single policy enforced account to administer all of their file-based storage requirements.  The Planet’s cloud storage solution is based on a 40 cents per GB pricing scale and doesn’t come with any hidden fees or performance issues.  Most cloud storage providers charge fees for sundry access services.  Amazon Web Service’s Simple Storage Solution is one example that charges around 1 cent per 1,000 put, post, copy or list requests.   According to Walters, the new cloud storage service is a first in the hosting industry.

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The Planet’s announcement of its high performance solution is great news for customers as past services haven’t been cheap to utilize.  On the surface, cloud storage generally seems to be a more affordable approach for addressing the storage issues faced by so many companies today.  However, unexpected fees usually rear their ugly heads, hidden charges associated with bandwidth and additional costs for accessing data.   These fees typically result in costumers paying far more than initially anticipated.  With the cloud storage solution offered by The Planet, customers are charged a fixed rate and know exactly what they are paying for.

Another advantage of The Planet’s cloud storage service is that it makes up the only geographically distributed storage solution of its kind.  Leveraging its state of the art Dallas-based  data facility and solid partnership with Nirvanix, The Planet is able to take advantage of the Storage Delivery Network and allow customers to choose exactly where they want to store data on the cloud.  There are no limitations as data can be placed on any node in both networks.

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In a recent statement, Patrick Harr, Nirvanix Chief Executive Officer, commends The Planet on its extension of the Storage Delivery Network.  By providing more flexibility, The Planet is essentially giving its customers the best of both worlds, resulting in a win-win situation for all parties.  By utilizing Nirvanix’s global cluster, customers have the freedom to access the local Dallas node or optimize storage from virtually anywhere in the world.  Coupling an attractive price with respectable service level agreements, the new cloud storage service provides clients with more options for creating and scaling next-generation web applications.

Although The Planet stands firm in its claim as the first to offer such a cost effective solution, the new service actually follows a cloud storage system launch initiated by Webair last month.  eLina, Tilana and Nirvanix also introduced similar services prior to The Planet’s recent launch.

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