The Venetian’s New Web Standard

Ektron is a provider of web content management systems, marking optimization tools and social software solutions. On May 18th, 2011, the company announced that the Las Vegas-based Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino is utilizing the Ektron Web Content Management platform in an effort to re-launch its website,

The Corporate Director of eCommerce Technology for the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, parent company of the Venetian, released a statement noting that the organization researched several different content management systems but Ekron fit their corporate structure. Furthermore, the Las Vegas Sands Corporation is committed to building working business relationships with top-tier partners that provide excellent support.

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The Director has recognized that Ektron offers a pure .NET content management system that integrates Microsoft technologies. This was the primary reason for the decision to use Ektron. The software also features open architecture and API which delivers unlimited scalability. Sands information technology professionals are planning to tie the Ektron API to the back-end data systems and other third-party tools for full functionality.

The site was redeveloped by Vana Technologies, one of the best full-service development firms in the industry. Ektron worked closely with Vana and the Las Vegas Sands eCommerce team to create best practices and develop a robust infrastructure to host the installation of the content management software.

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The first three migrations from the old site to the new are planned during 2011 and will include:


The new content management system will allow for the easy management of installation for support modules as well as future updates to all websites. Also, the software will allow all properties across the globe to connect and share content. Ultimately, all websites under the Las Vegas Sands Corporation umbrella will run a single instance of Ektron and be able to share content across all sites.

The founder of Ektron released a statement detailing that the organization will help the Sands ensure the online experience will be enjoyable while providing value to the websites and enhancing visitor’s experiences. Further, the company is excited with the relationship they have built with the Las Vegas Sans Corporation and Vana Technologies.

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This appears to be an excellent upgrade for the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and will prove to be a worthy investment in the future. Since all websites owned by the Sands Corporation will be able to communicate with one another, information can easily be passed for a more connected system of casinos.

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