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VeriSign Releases Another New Safety Measure

VeriSign and RatePoint have teamed up to develop the SafeSender Email Program. This allows RatePoint customers to improve click-through rates, build better relationships with customers and ultimately increase profits by adding the VeriSign Trust Logo to all customer correspondence. The seal verifies that customers can buy, trade, browse and now communicate under a secure umbrella.

To add the VeriSign seal to communications, customers can subscribe to the VeriSign SSL Certificate. For users, the logo can appear in emails, social networks like Twitter and Facebook, and on website signup tools. This is a huge advantage for those currently using RatePoint.

During the pilot program, five participants displayed the VeriSign logo within their email campaigns. The presence of the trust seal resulted in a greater number of visits to the customers’ sites. This, in turn, produces much higher revenues.

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Customer concern of scams and fraud groups that steal pertinent information is growing. Therefore online trust of vendors is diminishing. Those that display the VeriSign Trust Seal are improving customer’s trust in that online business. This is reassuring to those worried about clicking on the wrong link and losing important information.

This new collaboration gives RatePoint’s customer campaigns and their business a much more measurable edge. The goal of this partnership is to improve email list signups, strengthen overall trust and increase open rates.

The new VeriSign Trust Seal within the SafeSender Email Program will further boost profits within both business entities integrity. Organizations displaying the logo will be recognized as willing to stand up for independent verification by daily scans to ensure no spyware, malware or viruses encompass the email. In today’s shaky economy, this is a major reassurance to customers.

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The VeriSign Trust Seal is a breath of fresh air for many companies looking to hold a competitive edge in their respective market. Although VeriSign has been a leader in internet trust and has held a seal of authority in the market, they are continuing to expand their coverage and grab a hold of their industry.

As more businesses continue to subscribe to their features, customers will slowly gain trust for internet vendors. This is an excellent method for stimulating the global internet buying community to shop online as opposed to a land-based store. All businesses should register to display the VeriSign logo on their page as it will help them attract and retain customers which equates to profit.

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