Web Hosting Data Centers Going Green

The search for alternative energy sources is currently a hot topic. We are able to utilize wind, water, the heat from the earth and the sun to create clean energy. Many industries are converting to this method of energy use as its the most economical form in the long-run while significantly improving the environment.

The Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar recently approved the construction of the United State’s first offshore wind farm aptly name the “Cape Wind Project.” The wind farm will be situation off the coast of Cape Code in the northeastern area of the United States. This will allow multiple wind farms to follow suit and open across the east coast.

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Ironically, this was announced at a time when web hosting providers are attempting to differentiate themselves from other services by advertising the use of green energy and low energy consuming equipment. Two providers leading the way are HostGator and 34SP.com.

HostGator is taking the following actions to diminish their carbon footprint:

  • Purchasing renewable energy credits
  • Investing in wind power

By purchasing renewable energy credits, HostGator will offset 130% of its energy use through the support of renewable energy generation. For each certificate purchased, one megawatt-hour of clean energy is generated and placed back into the power-grid. For instance, if a company is using 100% electricity from coal and offsets its energy use by 100%, its generating back through clean methods what it used.

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HostGator also plans on switching all electricity use to wind power. This way they can utilize as much energy as they need while not polluting the environment through clean and efficient energy solutions.

34SP is implementing the following initiatives to differentiate themselves:

  • Utilizing cold aisle containment
  • Buying renewable energy credits
  • Use of Chloride Power Protection

Cold aisle containment reduces the company’s carbon footprint by preventing cold air from leaking into the warm air within data centers. This decreases power usage by making the overall cooling systems more efficient. Also, like HostGator, 34SP has been buying renewable energy credits which put more clean energy back into the power grid.

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34SP is also utilizing chloride power protection as the uninterruptible power supplier. This mixture significantly saves power with conversion efficiency up to 100% thus saving decreasing the amount of power consumptions while saving 34SP a great deal of money.

Green energy will continue to become more effective and efficient eventually eliminating harmful power sources. HostGator and 34Sp have taken the first steps in the web hosting industry to utilize green technology for cost-savings and a productive environmental impact.

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