Website Makeover for HostWay

HostWay is one of the world’s largest web hosting and web-service providers who recently released a new website showcasing their cloud offerings. The site also details their new hosting plans for small businesses. The new website presents numerous changes including:

  • New products
  • Product categories
  • Easy navigation
  • New design scheme

The new website presents fresh products and services offered by HostWay. These products are grouped into specific categories for easy navigation so customers will be able to quickly identify features and make a purchasing decision. Finally, the new design scheme presents HostWay’s focus on a more mature and professional customer base that demands flexibility, reliability and value.

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Hostway was founded in 1998 and has worked its way to being the world’s largest web hosting provider. With a presence in 14 countries and more than 700 employees, HostWay offers many services including, domain name registration, ecommerce solutions, shared hosting solutions and colocation hosting. The company serves 1.4 million websites consisting of 600,000 customers across the globe.

HostWay recently also recreated their portfolio of products with the most impressive being FlexCloud sites. FlexCloud sites offer scalable, flexible and reliable services for small businesses and ecommerce stores. Furthermore, FlexCloud Servers provide clients with a higher level of service with enterprise-grade solutions that utilize a global infrastructure mixed with cloud technology.

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In the future, the company will continue to be dedicated to innovation and product alignment with customer needs. With the recent emergence and advancement in cloud technology, the company is keeping stride with customer necessity and the competition. This technology should allow them to grad an additional large chunk of the internet market.

The FlexCloud Sites and Servers are going to be scalable and on-demand for customers anywhere at any time. Add reliability, performance and the flexibility of a public cloud and you have a winner. Furthermore, this technology offers resource availability and optimal allocation while customizing all solutions to that specific business. These excellent features will be paired with state of the art data centers.

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HostWay has not only greatly improved their website, but they have added next generation products that will be utilized by customers for many years to come. The addition of flexibility, performance, reliability and expansion will result in many more clients choosing HostWay as their primary provider. In the future other web hosting providers will add this technology to keep pace with HostWay’ fantastic technological advancements.

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