Website Restore Business Launched for Business Hosting Customers recently launched their newest service that caters to business hosting clients: “Website Restore”. In the modern digital world, the wrong click of a mouse button can destroy hours of work or expose sensitive information unless secured by a reliable provider. Now website owners have the ability to move in reverse to a secure restore point with the new Website Restore service from

Requirements for Implementation

The add-on service is available to all clients with shared hosting accounts that are running on the Windows 2008 or Linux platforms and MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL databases. The data from these websites is independently stored on secured server so robust storage is available at each determined restore point.

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Familiar Interface

The website is user-friendly an easy-to-use interface similar to Window System Restore or Mac Time Machine. The system essentially allows user to create a snapshot of their website. Corrupt tables, lost files and other database errors have become a problem of the past. The restore function easily allows clients to revert back to a safe point with only a few clicks.

Creating Customized Restore Points

Also, users will have the ability to create unique restore points which allow files to be available before and after any major change to the website or database. Through secondary storage, has added another layer of data protection that businesses can rely on. The service is available for a nominal fee to shared hosting business customers on the onCloud platform.

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Improving Affordability

The new service creates a road map with various benchmarks or restore points allowing users to recover any aspect of their website from a corrupt file to an entire database. Coupled with a shared hosting account, businesses will have an affordable method of secure their data. Hosting customers have complete control over the secure restore points to ensure the information they need is available when they need it.

Company Information about

Owned and managed by SoftCom Inc, is a privately held organization with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Established in 1997, the company provides cost-effective, reliable shared web and email hosting services to over 10 million customers in 140 countries.

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This amazing new service will not only give webmasters a piece of mind but protect the sensitive information and files that are stored on databases. This will significantly improve uptime thus increasing revenue for online retailers who trust in the system.

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