Zopim Live Chat launches reseller platform for webhosting companies

Zopim Live Chat launches reseller platform for webhosting companies

Yesterday (August 2, 2011) Zopim announced a reseller program enabling web hosting companies to resell Live Chat to businesses around the world. Authorized resellers will be able to sell and customize Zopim for their customers, creating new revenue opportunities instantly.

“Zopim has built a live chat product that is valuable for businesses selling online” says Qing Ru, VP Marketing, Zopim. “With our reseller program, we want to give web hosting companies an easy way to add Zopim into their existing suite of third party offerings, while making their packages more wholesome at the same time”.

Zopim will provide resellers with materials and promotional tools for sales and marketing. Resellers bill their customers directly, and can opt to have control over all customer communications, enabling them to retain a close relationship with customers.

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There is no setup fee, no minimum upfront purchase and the resellers do not have to pay anything before their customers do. “Reselling Zopim opens up new revenue opportunities for us, with minimal risk,” says Jay Shah, Managing Director, LicensePal Limited. “What Zopim offers to our customers – an award winning product delivered with a great user experience and accolades- cannot be matched anywhere else.”

In addition, Zopim will be providing support for end users, taking the burden of supporting an additional product off resellers. “Providing good support can be costly for companies who take customer satisfaction seriously. We want to reduce the load of our resellers so that they can concentrate on their core business,” says Royston Tay, CEO, Zopim.

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Zopim is in the midst of launching the reseller platform to select webhosting companies. The program is now open for applications from interested web hosting companies around the world. Potential resellers will be evaluated and prequalified.

The reseller program will include

● a portal with a rich set of business and technical information
● customer marketing materials and promotional tools
● reseller tools for setting up business customers, provisioning end users, management and reporting
● integration API for automated account provisioning, billing, reporting and single sign on

About Zopim

Zopim (www.zopim.com) is a live chat company that provides communications and sales tools for small and medium businesses. Zopim Live Chat makes it simple and affordable for companies to have high-quality conversations with their online customers in real-time. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Singapore, with a presence in San Francisco.

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