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Getting Free Domain name for life with hosting

Hi there! You are probably looking for free domain online. Long story short there is no company out there that will give you free top level domain (like www.example.com) without getting something back from you. The cost on the domains is fixed by Verisign - the provider of the .com and .net domains. If you are a registrar like Godaddy (or most of the hosting companies) then the domain name costs you about $8/year, anything extra on top is the company's margin.

The list below show our pick on the top 10 hosting companies that offer free domain with the hosting account. Make sure that you read through their Terms of Services (TOS) as a lot of the hosting companies only offer the free domain as promotion to pull you in. There are only two companies that offer free domain for life with the hosting account - WebHostingHub & Inmotion Hosting. We hear that they are also thinking of switching to the same marketing model as the rest of the companies online. So make you sure you check with their sales team or TOS at the time that you purchase from them that the free domain is for life and not just for the first year.

Savings are quite noticeable when you get the domain free for life, rather than just for one year. The math is pretty easy and straight forward.

Quick pointer about GoDaddy - probably by far the market leader in the US as domains registrar. GoDaddy is great for domains management - especially when you have lots of them, but the company is far from favorite by web professionals when it comes to hosting your website. Most of the webmasters manage their domains at Godaddy, just because its easier working with your portfolio and host elsewhere. Godaddy will never give you free domain for life, but their regular renewal prices are better than most of the hosting companies out there.

So to conclude if you need single domain, just go with HUB or Inmotion - those both are very well run companies. If you need many domains just get a free one with the hosting account and the rest manage you can manage at GoDaddy. You don't need to get separate hosting for each of the domains, simply point the DNS to the existing hosting account where you can have unlimited sites and domains like with the two companies mentioned above.

Rank Company Name Special Price Plan Features User Feedbacks
1 InMotion Hosting
Business Hosting
$4.19 $7.99
90 Days Money Back
Free Domain
1355 Customer Reviews
2 WebHostingHub
Editor's Choice
$3.99 $6.99
Unlimited Websites
Any time Money Back
355 Customer Reviews
3 Arvixe
Popular and Reliable
$3.20 $7.00
Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
20% Lifetime Discount
565 Customer Reviews
4 GreenGeeks
Green Hosting
$3.96 $7.95
Unlimited Everything
With $30 coupon
395 Customer Reviews
5 FatCow
Budget Hosting
$3.15 $7.95
Unlimited Websites
Free Website Builder
557 Customer Reviews
6 iPage
Shared Hosting
$3.50 $7.95
Unlimited Domains
$450 of FREE Extras
820 Customer Reviews
7 WebHostingPad
Budget Hosting
$1.99 $3.99
Unlimited Domains
30 Days Money Back
613 Customer Reviews
8 Just Host
Cheap Hosting
$3.75 $6.95
Unlimited Websites
Instant Website Setup
688 Customer Reviews
9 HostGator
Unlimited Hosting
$3.96 $6.99
Free Website Builder
Free Shopping Cart
452 Customer Reviews
10 BlueHost
Cheap Hosting
$4.95 $6.95
Free Domain Name
Unlimited Domains
680 Customer Reviews

Editor's notice: Web hosting providers ranked by the best price-value ratio. Host reliability, uptime, key features, bonus features, customer support, past and current user feedbacks, user-friendliness and hosting awards have been taken into account as well.

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  • Unlimited Websites on 1 Account
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$3.95 $6.95

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