How to Enable PAE in x86 32-bit Windows Server 2003 and 2000 to Use More than 4GB RAM

In some scenario, you will need to upgrade the windows operating system RAM to more than 4GB. But, in normal circumstances, Windows 2000 (Datacenter Server or Advanced Server) or Windows 2003 server operating system, wont be able to use more than 4GB RAM event though more RAM modules have been installed. To enable In 32-bit […]

How to Fix “Repository moved permanently to… please relocate” Error In Subversion

This article assume that you are using the subversion server to control your development source code. For beginner, i believed most of you has facing this error when you try to check in or connect to your subversion repository server. Error and symptoms : Repository moved permanently; please relocate. Findings and Mistakes : 1. Apache […]

How to Enable ssh Access for a Privileged User in VMware ESXi 4.1

On the previous post, i have teach you on how to create the additional user on VMware ESXi 4.1 host. That new user will successfully connect to ESXi host using vSphere client but will failed when you try to connect using ssh access. This error message will be prompted: Access Denied Example: Login as: demoroot […]

How to Resolve Number of Virtual Devices Exceeds the Maximum for a Given Controller

I believed most of system administrator and vmware administrator experiencing these issues when cloning a virtual machine on ESXi vCenter server. Symptoms Cloning process fails at approximately 90% with error message: Number of virtual devices exceeds the maximum for a given controller Solutions: 1. Make sure there are no CDs or ISOs mounted to the […]

How to Remove an VMware ESX/ESXi Host From vCenter Server

I will guide you the simple steps on how to remove esx/esxi host from vcenter server. This guide assume that you already have the vCenter server to manage esx/esxi hosts. Steps: 1. Go to Esxi Host that you want to remove from vcenter 2. Right click and click remove 3. You will be warn before […]

How to Add ESX/ESXi Host Into vCenter Server

There are the simple steps to add new host into existing vCenter server. Follow these steps to proceed: 1. Login to vCenter server 2. Right click TestDataCenter 3. Then click Add host and ‘Add Host Wizard’ will appear 4. On Add Host Wizard fill in the following info: Enter Host or ip address of the […]

How to Add Separate Nav Menu for Categories in Thesis Theme

I would like to share with you guys on how to add separate nav menu for categories in Thesis theme on WordPress blog. It is very easy. This tutorial assume that you jave installed Thesis 1.8 for for wordpress theme on you blog. Steps : 1. Login to your wordpress dashboard and Click thesis 1.8 […]

How to Create Bootable USB Drive for CentOS/RHEL ISO Image

In this post, i will guide you on how to create the bootable USB drive for CentOS/RHEL. This will useful when a computers do not have optical drives (CD/DVD). There are several way to create bootable USB for CentOS/RHEL installation disk. My favourite software for this purpose is ISO2USB. ISO2USB is a opensource software that […]

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