Government transformation and demand for Linux expertise

IT is changing organizations across the globe, impacting enterprises, governments and the wider public sector. Open source in particular is a driver in innovation, giving organizations a competitive edge and an ability to scale and adapt to changing market demands. According to the 2014 Linux Jobs Report, demand for Linux expertise continues to grow, with […]

How to Setup Bind DNS Server in Chroot Jail on CentOS 7

BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Daemon) also known as NAMED is the most widely used linux dns server in the internet. This tutorial will explain how we can setup BIND DNS in a chroot jail in CentOS 7, the process is simply unable to see any part of the filesystem outside the jail. For example, in […]

How to Change Hostname on CentOS 7.0/RHEL 7.0

Q. I have CentOS 7.0 virtual private server, but the default hostname still localhost.localdomain. How do i change the hostname to my prefer hostname or FQDN ? [root@localhost ~]# hostname localhost.localdomain A. There are four(4) method to change the hostname on CentOS 7.0/RHEL 7.0. Method 1 1. Login to your VPS as a root. 2. […]

How to Setup Varnish 3.0 in Front of Nginx, PHP5.4 (PHP-FPM)

In the previous post, i have describes the steps to setup web server that running on Nginx and PHP5.4 (PHP-FPM). The setup and configuration work well with the WordPress site. This article will describe how to speed up the existing NGINX + PHP web server with one of the popular web accelerator called Varnish Cache, also […]

How to Setup Nginx,PHP5.4, PHP-FPM, MySQL 5.5 On CentOS 6.5 VPS

This post will show you the procedure to setup Nginx, PHP5.4, PHP-FPM and MySQL 5.5 On CentOS 6.5 Virtual private server(VPS). You need to setup the required repo such as EPEL, Remi and also the NGINX repo. What is NGINX ? NGINX is an alternate web server for Apache. Nginx is an open source web […]

Linux systemd dev says open source is ‘SICK’, kernel community ‘awful’

Lennart Poettering, creator of the systemd system management software for Linux, says the open-source world is “quite a sick place to be in.” He also said the Linux development community is “awful” – and he pins the blame for that on Linux supremo Linus Torvalds. “A fish rots from the head down,” Poettering said in […]

How to Fix the ‘Shell Shock’ bash Vulnerability in Linux

Q. Linux system administrators who maintaining the servers that are exposed to the Internet should be the most concerned about this Shell Shock’ bash Vulnerability or attack. Most of the patches are now available from the vendors that should close this security hole. For those who still haven’t check your linux system, below are the […]

How to Lock and Unlock Zimbra Accounts from Command Line

Q. One of the account in zimbra mailbox sending spam and zimbra administrator need to lock the account then ask user to reset their current password password immediately. Once password has been reset by end user, email administrator need to unlock back the locked account. As a zimbra administrator, how can i achieve this ? […]

How to Enable Changing SVN Log Messages or History

Issue : When i try to change the svn log message, i am getting the error below : Repository has not been enabled to accept revision propchanges; ask the administrator to create a pre-revprop-change hook” Solution : 1. SVN administrator need to rename file named pre-revprop-change.tmpl under [REPOPATH]/hooks into pre-revprop-change (at the same directory without […]

4 steps to Install NGINX on CentOS 7.0

Q. How to install NGINX on centOS 7.0 ? A. 4 easy steps to install and run NGINX on CentOS 7.0 : 1. Add Nginx Repository : [root@localhost ~]# rpm -Uvh 2. Install with yum command : [root@localhost ~]# yum install nginx -y 3. Start NGINX service : [root@localhost ~]# systemctl start nginx.service 4. […]

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