How to Enable Changing SVN Log Messages or History

Issue : When i try to change the svn log message, i am getting the error below : Repository has not been enabled to accept revision propchanges; ask the administrator to create a pre-revprop-change hook” Solution : 1. SVN administrator need to rename file named pre-revprop-change.tmpl under [REPOPATH]/hooks into pre-revprop-change (at the same directory without […]

4 steps to Install NGINX on CentOS 7.0

Q. How to install NGINX on centOS 7.0 ? A. 4 easy steps to install and run NGINX on CentOS 7.0 : 1. Add Nginx Repository : [root@localhost ~]# rpm -Uvh 2. Install with yum command : [root@localhost ~]# yum install nginx -y 3. Start NGINX service : [root@localhost ~]# systemctl start nginx.service 4. […]