How to Setup Multiple WordPress Sites on Nginx

This article describes how to install and configure multiple WordPress¬†sites on Nginx and the steps have been prepared based on CentOS 7.0 and Nginx 1.6.3. NGINX (pronounced Engine ex) is an open source high performance web servers and able to handle large number of concurrent connections. It has the lowest memory footprint if compared to […]

Nginx Released Version Nginx 1.6.3

Nginx is lightweight fast web server/reverse proxy and e-mail (IMAP/POP3) proxy. On April 7, 2015, Nginx officially released nginx-1.6.3 stable version which includes the following changes and bug fixes : *) Feature: now the “tcp_nodelay” directive works with SPDY connections. *) Bugfix: in error handling. Thanks to Yichun Zhang and Daniil Bondarev. *) Bugfix: alerts […]

How to Install and Update OpenSSL on CentOS 6 / CentOS 7

I have CentOS 6 server and still running with OpenSSL 1.0.1e (openssl-1.0.1e-30) that vulnerable to a remote attacker to access parts of memory on systems using vulnerable versions of OpenSSL. OpenSSL is a library that provides cryptographic functionality, specifically SSL/TLS for popular applications such as secure web servers (nginx web server, Apache web server) and […]