Download CentOS 6.4 x86_64 and x86 ISO

CentOS 6.4 has been released 9th March 2013. As we know, CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public. It has 100% binary compatibility with its upstream source, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Released Note : Download URL for x86 and x64 ISO Install Media and […]

How to Setup Squid Proxy Service on CentOS 5.9

This post focus on the steps to setup a Squid Proxy Server on CentOS5.9. It’s involve basic installation and configuration of the Squid and deploy web filtering application to save bandwidth, speeding up web access. It’s uses to speeding up a web server by caching repeated requests, to caching web, name server query and other […]

How to Install PHP 5.3 on CentOS 5.9

This post focus on how to install PHP 5.3 on CentOS 5.9. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a widely used, free and open-source server-side scripting language that was especially designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages and can be embedded into HTML. PHP applications are commonly found with the filename extensions .php, .php4, or […]

Updating from CentOS 5.8 to CentOS 5.9 using Yum Update

As per my previous post, CentOS 5.9 now available for download on 17 January 2013. This is the ninth update to the CentOS 5 distribution series and it’s contains a lot of bugfixes, updates and new functionality if compared than CentOS 5.8. This post assumed that you have already installed CentOS 5.8 and planned to […]

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