How to Upgrade from CentOS 6.2 to CentOS 6.3

CentOS 6.3 had released on 2012-07-09 with the kernel version 2.6.32-279. CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by our Upstream OS Provider (UOP). For version CentOS-4.x and CentOS-5.x, it is recommend to reinstall rather than attempt an inplace upgrade from CentOS-4 or CentOS-5 to CentOS 6.3. Direct […]

How to Check Disk Read Write Speed in Linux

hard disk

Measuring sequential disk performance is easy in linux as every modern Linux distribution comes with a command line utility called hdparm. Hdparm is a free tool to measure sequential disk performance which is primarily used to tune and optimize disk parameters. It is important to read hdparm man page and perform full backup before using […]

How to Fix “-bash: hdparm: command not found” on Linux CentOS 6.3

hard disk

Question: When i try to run hdparm command to check to check the hard drive read and writing speed, the following error has been returned. Hdparm is a command line utility to measure sequential disk performance which is primarily used to tune and optimize disk parameters. Hdparm is free software under the BSD license. [root@centos63 […]

How to Setup Nginx With PHP-FastCGI on CentOS 6.2/CentOS 6.3 VPS Server

At the previous post, i have setup Nginx as reverse proxy to apache web server. This post will covers the steps how to setup nginx web server to use PHP-FastCGI for dynamic content. Nginx (pronounced “Engine-X”) is a free, open-source HTTP Web server and one of the alternative to Apache http server. It’s a high […]

Three Ways to Configure Persistent Static Routes on Linux CentOS


There are several different ways to configure persistent static routes on Linux CentOS. By using Static routes, we can improves overall performance of the network and static routing is achieved by manually adding routes to the routing table. Static route can be added and delete using “route” command. But it will forget the static routes […]

How to Create Additional LVM on CentOS 6.3


This post will covers the steps to create additional Logical volume manager (LVM) on CentOS 6.3. This will very useful when the production system facing run out of disk space to store data. Sometimes there is another request for them to create additional LVM for new system or to store data. It is possible to […]

How to Install PostgreSQL 9.2 on CentOS 6.3

This quick post shows the basic steps to install PostgreSQL Database Server (PostgreSQL 9.2) on CentOS 6.3. This steps has been tested using CentOS 6.3. However, It may works on other version CentOS or Redhat as well. PostgreSQL is a Sophisticated open-source Object-Relational DBMS supporting almost all SQL constructs, including subselects, transactions, and user-defined types. […]

How to Fix “-bash: man: command not found” on CentOS 6.3


This quick post shows the step to install “man” command on Linux. In linux CentOS 6.2 and CentOS 6.3 operating system, “man” command has not been installed automatically. The Linux command “man” is used to display the manual page for other command and also will help you to explain the functions for the commands that […]