How to Reclaim Free Space for Linux Root Partition using Zerofree

This article discussed about how we can reclaim the free space for linux root partition that was implemented using thin provisioned disks in Linux VMware virtual machine (VM). Common advantages by implementing thin provisioned disks in VMware is the administrator are able to over-allocate storage because the provisioned thin disks consume only the space used. […]

How to Add a New Hard Disk Without Rebooting on CentOS 7/ RHEL 7

Normally when you have added new storage to a running Virtual machine, you probably won’t see the new storage automatically. This is because the SCSI bus to which the storage devices are connected needs to be rescanned to make the new hardware visible. As a system administrator, to maintain the linux server uptime is very […]

4 lvcreate Command Examples on Linux

Logical volume management (LVM) is a widely-used technique and extremely flexible disk management scheme. It basically contain three basic command : a. Creates the physical volumes using pvcreate b. Create the volume group and add partition into volume group using vgcreate c. Create a new logical volume using lvcreate The following examples focus on the […]

How to Remove Volume Group and Physical Volume on LVM

Basically, adding and removing LVM will always involves these three logical “layers” which are Physical volumes (pv), Volume groups (vg) and Logical volumes (lv). This post assumed that the Logical volumes haven’t created. In certain situation, linux administrators are required to remove the existing Physical Volume or Volume Group only. It is possible to perform […]

How to Remove a Logical Volume on CentOS 6.3/RHEL6

In previous post, i have cover the steps to create additional Logical volume manager (LVM). In certain situation, linux administrator is required to remove the existing logical volume. It is possible to perform the required task if that system administrator has the right skill on linux. Otherwise, they will put themselves and the organization in […]

How to Create Additional LVM on RHEL 6/CentOS 6

Most of the linux administrator facing run out of disk space to store data and sometimes there is another request for them to create additional logical volume manager(LVM) for new system or to store data. It is possible to perform this task if that system administrator has the right skill on linux. Otherwise, they will […]

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