How to Automatically Show Thumbnail in Thesis WordPress Theme

In the thesis theme, we can customize the post image and thumbnail but it need manual work. It is easy if all these things can be done automatically using existing wordpress plugin and modified a bit in custom.css file. Please follow below steps to enable this feature automatically on your blog post.

1. Install the “Thumbnails for Excerpt” Plugin

  • Login to Dashboard, on the plugin menu, click Add New. Search for “Thumbnail For Excerpts”. Then Install the Plugin

2. Configure the “Thumbnails for Excerpt” Plugin

  • Login to Dashboard, on the Setting menu, “Click Thumbnail Excerpts”
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3. Add code to Custom File Editor under Thesis Menu Item

  • Login to Dashboard, on the Thesis menu, Click Custom File Editor. It will show you the currently editing: custom/custom.css then add below code at the bottom.
    /* Teaser Thumbnail Image Styling */
    .custom .teaser img {
    /* Add Frame to the thumbnail Image, use "border:none;" to disable border. */
    border:5px solid #F2F2F2;
    /* Specify the height of the Thumbnail Image*/
    /* Adds margin space to the thumbnail Image. */
    margin:2px 10px 0 0;
    /* Specify the width of the Thumbnail Image. */

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