How to Create Google Custom Search in Thesis WordPress Theme

This Steps will guide you how to install Google Custom Search on thesis wordpress theme. It will create the Custom Search on the top right of Navigation Menu page.

1. In your browser go to

2. Go to AdSense Setup -> Get Ads -> Click AdSense for Search -> proceed to create search code unit until you get “Search Box Code” and “Search Box Code”.

Search Box Code
Paste this code in the page where you’d like your search box to appear.

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Search Results Code
Paste this code on or where you would like your search results to appear. This page must manually created by your self.

3. Add “Search Box Code” in custom_functions.php

4. Paste “Search Results Code” into

5. Add this in custom editor, Custom/custom.css

    .custom #custom_search {
    	padding:0.818em 0 0.818em 0;

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