How to Fix “RSS feed’s not working” on WordPress Blog

Issue : RSS feed’s not working

I have a few wordpress blog that having problem on the RSS feed. RSS feed not working properly either using feedburner’s RSS or WordPress’s RSS. Because of this issue, auto feed log to twitter, : feed your blog to twitter does not working. I just noticed this week. actually it does not work after 4 September 2012.


Solution :

1. Check wp-rss2.php and wp-atom.php, wp-config.php, index.php or theme’s functions.php ile for blank lines outside of bracketed section. Either before <?php or after );

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2. In my case, i had checked through all these files, and found that the issue was blank space at the in front of our index.php file. As soon as i removed that blank space, the RSS feed started functioning properly.


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