How to Install Joomla 1.7 using cPanel

There are two methods to install Joomla 1.7 on your webhosting. First method is with the automatic installer from the webhosting’s application that’s already included in the control panel, also called cPanel. Second method is manually install from the web hosting server. In this post, i will show you on how to install the Joomla 1.7 using cPanel.

1. Make sure you have domain or subdomain configured as below :
Joomla 1.7

2. Click on the QuickInstall from the Software/Services column :
Joomla 1.7

3. Select Joomla 1.7 :
Joomla 1.7

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4. Click Continue :
Joomla 1.7

5. Click Install Now! :
Joomla 1.7

6. Installation has been completed. Take note on the temporary password. Kindly reset your temporary password asap :
Joomla 1.7

7. You can log in to joomla administrator’s page using the following URL:
CMS URL will be as below : http://domain.

In this example, my joomla subdomain is

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