How to Permanently Delete Facebook Fan Page

In this post, i will share on how to delete Facebook fan page.

1. Once you have logged in to Facebook, go to the fan page you want to delete. Click on the “Edit Page” button at the top right hand corner of the Page.

2. Looking for Delete page and Click “Permanently delete……”.

3. By clicking “Permanently delete” you will get a warning message and by pressing delete your facebook page will delete permanently.

One comment on “How to Permanently Delete Facebook Fan Page

  • kelvin

    how if i lost the login email?
    because now the problem is i didnt get the notification mail from FB, and when i try to login, the system show me account still not yet activize. I already check few time from my mailbox or junkbox but still didn’t reveiced any activize mail…

    Got any way to delete it?
    Because i got some important infomation inside fan page and i must get to delete it ASAP…thx

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