How to Promote Your Blog Using Facebook

Facebook is one of the famous social networking site and very user friendly. In this post i want to share with you on how to improve your website traffic using Facebook. This article assume that you already register and have your own facebook account.

1. Post Your Blog URL on your Facebook Profile
Display your blog address and details at your facebook profile is one of the common advertising strategy. This will inform your friends that you have blog.

2. Create pages and like buttons for your blog
You can create the fan page of your blog and put like button at your blog sidebar. To create this, click here.

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3. Configure RSS Graffiti on your blog
RSS Graffiti will automatically update the status of your facebook page with the new post from your blog. Refer to this article on how to configure RSS Graffiti. How to Automatically Update Your FaceBook Status When You Add New Post on Your Blog

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