12 comments on “How to Submit Your Websites to Digg Social Bookmarking

  • Clipping Path Job (CPJ)

    A helpful sharing for me.Thanks a lot

  • Ryan Kennedy

    This is old. Digg changed the features and the way to add a bookmark. I am really confuse with the new digg. The submit link button is at the bottom. When I tried to enter a link it says link submitted but I could not see the link I’ve bookmarked.

    Can you help me with this?

    • Emaan

      i am also facing the same situation if you find the way to solve this problem do share please.


    great article,but the process for submission has changed

  • Praveen

    Hi How to Youtube subscribers fast, I already have 750 subscribers on m youtube channel i need more 250 subscribers to Monetize my channel #shoutquick

  • Deepshikha Gupta

    Go to my profile in new DIGG and there you will get an option to submit the URL.

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