How to Upgrade HTC Desire HD to Android Version 2.2.1

HTC is rolling out a software update recently for the Desire HD. It’s an Over the Air (OTA) update weighing in at 46.59MB and will bring up the software version on the Desire HD to 1.84.707.2. Unfortunately, this OTA update is not an Android 2.3 Gingerbread update as many Desire HD owners are hoping for. However, it will take your Desire HD with Android Version 2.2 came with Android Version 2.2.1. It’s purposely to improve the system performance and enhances the camera feature. Please follow below steps to update you Desire HD.

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Got to Setting –> About Phone –> System Software Updates –> Scheduled check –> Click ‘Check now’
All the steps is exactly as below captured screens:

If there is updates available for your smart phone, it will bring you to below captured screens:

Click Ok. It will warn you regarding the mobile network connection. Ignore it if you are using unlimited data plan or wifi service. Click yes to proceed to download the system updates. After finished download all the software updates, you will be prompt as below screen:
Click Yes to proceed.

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Click Ok to proceed the installation.

After the installation finished, the phone will automatically power off and shutting down.

Then for a few seconds, it will automatically power on by it self and bring your Desire HD to Version 1.84.707.2.

Note : If you aware of the installation time on the captured screens, It’s only take approximately 30 minutes to perform this OTA updates.

6 comments on “How to Upgrade HTC Desire HD to Android Version 2.2.1

  • sumit

    can u plz give me d update file i am facing problem after updating plz help me out

  • admin

    what update file? what problem you are facing?

  • Tdotcom

    I just finished the update today, and it booted my root to my phone and now visonary++ does not work to root my htc desire hd. Has any one experienced this problem? It is a very noticable improvement but i can not use any of my root apps, i have uninstalled visionary and reinstalled and still no success.

    • jung man-kuk

      you can’t root. to root you must downgrade to older version 🙁

  • Peta

    I have upgraded my HTC Desire and now the flash on the camera does not work.

    How do I downgrade my phone?

  • Aswin

    I have HTC desire and when I select check now in system software updates, it is checking for a long time.
    I have tried a lot of times and all the times it keeps saying checking now for a long time( more than 30 minutes) . Please help.

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