Howto Linux

These howto guides show step-by-step examples and the tutorial how to install the software packages, how to troubleshoot the problem, how to fix errors, how to resolved issues and how to do things better, faster, efficiently and more easily on Linux server. Therefore, all the steps may be applicable for other linux distributions as well.

1. How to Install and Configure Monit on Linux Server for Process Monitoring
2. How to Disable Directory Browsing on Website or Blog
3. How to Fix “You could try using –skip-broken to work around the problem” Error
4. How to Fix “Failed to Install VMware Tools” Error
5. How to Fix “dependencies were not found: PHP MultiByte” in Linux Server
6. How to Find the Release Version of Your Linux/Unix
7. How to Resolved Dependencies Related with wvText
8. How to Drop or Block Incoming/Attackers IP Address Using null route
9. How to Drop or Block Incoming Access From Specific IP Address Using Iptables
10. How to Use chmod Command to Change Linux File Permissions
11. How to Fix nslookup, host, dig: -bash: command not found in Linux?
12. How to Install wget on Linux
13. How to Fix VMware Tools Installation Error
14. How to Install b2evolution blog on Linux
15. How to Fix “/etc/rndc.key: permission denied” for named Service Error
16. How to Run the .sh File Shell Script In CentOS/RHEL
17. How to Extract ‘tar.bz2? and ‘tar.gz’ file in Linux
18. How to Transfer Folder or Directory Using SCP Command in Linux
19. How to Resolved Dependencies for pdftotext if Not Found
20. How to Fix “ERROR : Could not find tsearch2.sql file” While Starting the PostgreSQL Database
21. How to Fix “An old version of the database format was found” While Starting PostgreSQL
22. How to Find The DNS Servers
23. How to Check Memory Usage In Linux
24. How to Properly Reboot Linux CentOS/RHEL Server
25. How to Create Yum Repository from CDROM Media
26. How to Copy and Paste Text in one line With vi or vim in Linux
27. How to Resolve init: Id “x” respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
28. How to Show Line Number in vi or vim Editor
29. How to Create Banners for SSH and the Console Prompt in Linux
30. How to Remove Games and Entertainment in Linux
31. How to Configure Vsftpd Ftp Server on Linux
32. How to Install Vsftpd Ftp Server on Linux
33. How to Resolve Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress
34. How to Add User into Group in Linux
35. How to Find files in Linux
36. How to Remove Gnome-Desktop using Yum
37. How to Resolve mount: mount point /cdrom does not exist
38. How to Reset CentOS root Password
39. How to Resolve Another app is currently holding the yum lock; waiting for it to exit
40. How to Restart Linux Network Service
41. How to Configure the Linux Bind DNS Server
42. How to install Bind DNS server on CentOS and RHEL
43. How to Install MySQL Database in Linux Using Yum
44. How to Properly Shutdown Linux CentOS/RHEL Server
45. How to Prepare Other Yum Repositories For RHEL/CentOS 5
46. How to install VMware Tools in Linux VM

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