Linode Network Upgrades and 8 Cores Xen Instances

Linode Network Upgrade

Early of March 2013, Linode has performed network upgrade that improves throughput, decrease latency and
add redundancy at their host layer. They are upgrading overall network in all six datacenters in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. With zero downtime, Linode customer will get outbound network cap increased 5 times and amount of outbound transfer increased 10 times as below :

Linode 512 upgraded from 200GB to 2000GB (2TB)
Linode 1G upgraded from 400GB to 4000GB (4TB)
Linode 2G upgraded from 800GB to 8000GB (8TB)
Linode 4G upgraded from 1600GB to 16000GB (16TB)
Linode 8G upgraded from 2000GB to 20000GB (20TB)

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8 Cores Xen instances

8coreIn 18th March 2013, Linode has upgrading new “NextGen’ host hardware specification, CPUs and a fleet refresh. Linode has upgrades all Linodes to 8 cores Xen instances. Customer will require to schedule a downtime for reboot and then get doubling in computing power. Customer will get faster websites, services, and processing at the same price points. Another things that Linode need to improve is the drive speed. Will they go for SSDs in the future ?

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