Red Hat ships Enterprise Linux 6.4, opens up Hadoop plug in for big data

icon-redhatlinuxRed Hat continues to advance its enterprise Linux distribution for the cloud, big data and scale out environments.

On Thursday, the Raleigh, NC Linux company announced the release of Enterprise Linux 6.4, said to be the first OS to support a pNFS (Network File System) client along with significant performance, availability and virtualization gains, especially in adding more support for VMware and Microsoft

Version 6 was first released in November of 2010. This is the fourth minor release since that platform debuted three years ago.

“Red Hat has collaborated with its partners and the upstream community on the parallel Network File System (pNFS) industry standard. This helps to solve the problems associated with NFS sprawl, characterized by the explosive growth of data and the increased burden of managing file system complexity,” Red Hat wrote in a release issued today. “Capabilities have also been added that result in performance gains for I/O intensive workloads like database access. Using the first-to-market, fully supported pNFS client — delivered in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 — customers can begin to plan and design next-generation, scalable file system solutions based on pNFS.

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Version 6.4 also offers advanced support for security and identity management. ”

“This release also provides easier interoperability in heterogeneous environments, whether identities are Linux- based or managed by Microsoft Active Directory,” Red Hat announced.

On the virtualization front, Red Hat’s latest enterprise Linux advanced in its support for VMware and Microsoft and “now includes the Microsoft Hyper-V Linux drivers, improving the overall performance of the operating system when running as a guest on Microsoft Hyper-V,” Red Hat also announced via its statement released today. “The latest release also offers installation support for the VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V para-virtualized drivers, improving the deployment experience for users working in these environments.

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The upgrade also offers enhanced management, moniutoring and productivity imporvements, including better support for conbtrolling groups, Intel-based monitoring tools and enhanced integration with Microsoft Exchange and Evolution, Red Hat said.

Earlier this week, Red Hat announced its strategy to build up its support for big data and cloud environments by opening up its storage software plug in to the Hadoop community and continuing its support for OpenStack.

Namely, Red Hat will contribute its storage Hadoop plug-in to the Apache Hadoop open source community.

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