How to Fix _default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 80, the first has precedence

Question : I running wordpress blog on apache web server on Virtual private server (VPS). I had the problem when i restarted the httpd service on my VPS. This error came after i setup multiple domain on my httpd config file, meaning i used more than one VirtualHost on httpd.conf : [root@vps ~]# service httpd […]

How to Install Apache httpd on Linux Fedora 16 Server

This post will guide you how to install apache httpd service on linux Fedora 16. Apache HTTP is a popular web server for linux servers. Follow this steps to install apache httpd service. Simply run this command : [root@fedora16 ~]# yum install httpd -y Setting up Install Process Resolving Dependencies –> Running transaction check —> […]

How to Install Httpd on CentOS 5.7

Apache httpd is one of the most popular web servers and has a lot of features that make it very extensible and useful for many different types of websites.This steps has been tested on CentOS 5.7 with direct internet connection. Simply run this command to install apache httpd service on CentOS 5.7: [root@CentOS57 ~]# yum […]

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