How to Check Opened Port on Linux VPS Server

By default, the linux operating system manages 65536 ports. If you run Virtual private Server (VPS) on linux platform, it is better to turn off any services or ports that you don’t actually need. This is to ensure your VPS server will not become avenues of attack for any security threats. Simply run these commands […]

How to Check VPS Network Speed

Several important factors to consider before buying a Virtual Private Server (VPS) are Internet connection speed, I/O speed, CPU performance and the server or network uptime. Actually, you can get a complete comparison about the VPS performance at websites, but if you want a second opinion on how fast is your connection speed VPS, […]

How to Check Memory Usage on Linux VPS Server

There are several ways on how to check the memory usage on linux virtual Private Server (VPS). This steps has been tested on linux CentOS 6.2 server and may workings on other linux server as well. 1. Check memory usage using “/proc/meminfo” command: [root@centos62 ~]# cat /proc/meminfo Output : MemTotal: 1030888 kB MemFree: 710372 kB […]

How to Display the Number of Processors (vCPU) on Linux VPS

Question : How to display the number of Virtual processor(vCPU) on linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) ? Answer : To display the number of virtual processor(cpu) on linux vps, you have to run any of this command : 1. This command will display exact number of virtual cpu (vCPU) : […]

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