Top 10 most read: Xperia Z3 review, Ghost Linux bug, IBM job cut rumours

The smartphone market remains a confusing place for those seeking a new phone, with the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony and HTC all competing for attention.

So it’s no surprise that V3’s head-to-head reviews between the big boys of the smartphone arena are popular, and so it proved with our Nexus 6 v iPhone 6 v Xperia Z3 head-to-head. Check out the review to see which phone won.

Elsewhere, security hit the headlines once again. A Linux bug dubbed ‘Ghost’ was uncovered which could be exploited to hijack systems. Versions of Linux dating back as far as 2000 are affected.

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As if this wasn’t bad enough, efforts by Google to improve security in popular products drew criticism from security researchers, who said that the firm is doing more harm than good with its disclosure policies.

Lastly, rumours that IBM was planning a giant jobs cull, possibly as high as 118,000 workers from around the world, also raised eyebrows. IBM flatly denied the reports, claiming that the firm is actually engaged in a hiring spree at present.

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