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Web hosting is an internet service that enables webmaster to build a portal or blog online which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Now, we can say that most people have their own blog, no matter what platform they are built from even whether wordpress, joomla or drupal CMS. Among the famous platform is blogspot, where available for free by google. Besides blogspot, there are still many open source content management software that exists like wordpress, joomla and drupal. Not like blogspot, wordpress, joomla and drupal can be installed in a shared web hosting server where the server specification range can be various depend on the requirements by the webmaster.

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Shared web hosting is service provider serves pages for multiple websites and internet domains from a single Web server, regardless of the site is built on what platform even if wordpress, joomla or drupal content management. Meanwhile, wordpress hosting is a hosting package that was designed specifically to optimize the performance of the wordpress platform. Similarly, joomla hosting, it is a hosting package that was designed specifically to optimize the performance of joomla platform.

Based on the ratings and given by customers and webmasters, i come up with our own list of the best and reliable shared hosting providers under $10/mo with most of the plans including UNLIMITED bandwidth and space, free domain name registration and min 30-day money back guarantee.

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NoProviderStarting PriceWebsite SpaceBandwidth
1$3.96 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
2$3.95 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
3$2.95 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
4$3.96 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
5$4.95 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
6$2.25 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
7$3.92 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
8$4.99 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
9$4.00 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
10$3.95 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
11$3.95 / month10GBUnlimited
12$3.95 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
13$5.99 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
14$3.95 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
15$5.95 / month10GB50GB
16$4.95 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
17$3.15 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
18$4.95 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
19$1.99 / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
20$3.95 / month3GBUnlimited

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