Why I Choose HostGator rather than MERCUMAYA.NET Web Hosting?

There are a few reason why i choose Hostgator rather than my local Webhosting service, MERCUMAYA.NET that hosted at Malaysia.

At HostGator, you will be provided the best webhosting service because of many reasons.

1. Hostgator offer technical support at all hours of every day. While MERCUMAYA.NET did not pick up the phone after office hours.

2. PHP value for upload_max_filesize at HostGator is higher if compared to MERCUMAYA.NET. The value are as below :

HostGator = PHP value for upload_max_filesize = 64M
MERCUMAYA.NET = PHP value for upload_max_filesize = 30M

3. Hostgator used up to 16 CPUs for their shared hosting server, but MERCUMAYA.NET use only 4 CPUs.


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4. Hostgator use latest Apache and Mysql server version if compared to MERCUMAYA.NET

Hostgator Apache Version = Apache 2.2.22
Hostgator Mysql Version = MySQL 5.5.19
MERCUMAYA.NET Apache Version = Apache 2.2.17
MERCUMAYA.NET Mysql Version = MySQL 5.0.95-community

5. Hostgator shared hosting server allowed to to configure php.ini if required using “php.ini QuickConfig” but MERCUMAYA.NET not allowed you to change since all the php.ini control by them 100%.

However, i still use Mercumaya shared hosting service for Bahasa Malaysia’s blogs as my target visitors is mostly come from malaysia. So it is better to use malaysia webhosting service for better network performance since it nearest. Other reasons why i still use Mercumaya service are the price of domain name and the price of shared hosting packages. It actually more cheaper if compared to other Malaysia webhosting provider such as www.internet-webhosting.com, www.serverfreak.com and www.datakl.com.

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The information above is based on my experiences only. of course i would recommend you to choose the best web hosting service provider for better performance and support. From now on, Mercumaya.Net should improve and upgrade their webhosting server.

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