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    September 20, 2017
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    September 20, 2017

    Dedicated Server Issue

    I opened a contract with 1and1 for a dedicated server (about 230USD / month), using a RAID drive to protect my data, I started a business on this server for a long time, about 100 my clients, they were kept their company data on this server, such as users data, accounting data, web application files, databases and emails and... Then suddenly my server was not reachable, We contacted 1&1 technical support, they checked issue and find out server got HDD failure and there is no way to fix this issue, there is no backup, also their RAID configuration did not work well. They just said: you got hard drive failure and we can replace new hard drive for you and re-image server, like fresh dedicated server, it means my data and my customers data lost!! . (about 100 important customer with very important data), during this time all websites are were down, all emails lost and also each day we lost new emails. Its hard drive failure (HARDWARE ISSUE), not software, as you know dedicated server customers do not have access to hard wares, HDD of my server got hardware issue (maybe platter or drive controller issue), but they said: "Its your problem, not from us!" I told them, How I can access hardwares of my dedicated server to damage them?! Do I have physical access to your data center?!!!!!! But they said: We can only replace new hard drive, it means you lost all of your data. At this time, my clients called me, and they asked me why their sites were not available, why the emails were not available, and I could not do anything to solve the problem. My clients made legal complaints against me (for the problem that I was not guilty of), and they applied for financial losses. When I found it , 1&1 did not care about this issue and they look so ordinary and do not sympathize with it, I tried to research about this issue and seems, there is high chance to fix HDD failure issue with HDD REPAIR COMPANIES, because it may simple issue with platter or hard drive controller or etc, So I offered 1&1: "I will pay for this damaged HDD (HDD COST + Shipping COST), then just send it out to the hard drive repair company". Here is their reply: """ Regarding your data recovery concern, after further review it has been determined that 1&1 has followed the proper procedure regarding hardware maintenance as it pertains to hard disc failure, and new hardware has been provided in its place. We regret to inform you that it will not be possible to accommodate your request to send 1&1’s physical hard drive to a third party for further analysis. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. """ They did not help to fix this issue, me and my customers lost important data with financial losses, My company got bad credit. I do not recommend 1and1, they will not help you in case of emergency issues, they look so ordinary and do not sympathize with it. Hard drive failure is data center side issue (its out of customer access), but 1&1 did not helped to recover data, 1&1 also rejected my offer "I will pay for this damaged HDD (HDD COST + Shipping COST), then just send it out to the hard drive repair company", my problem could be solved with this solution, but 1&1 rejected this solution too.

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    • Hello, I'm truly sorry to hear that this has happened to you, I would really like to look more into this for you. Can you please email me and provide more information including your Customer ID so that I am able to take a look at this? My email is, please refer to Web Hosting Geeks Review in your Subject so that we know that it's you. Thank you so much!

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