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    August 14, 2018
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    August 14, 2018

    Renewed contract after told NO!!!!

    I own my domains. I can take them where I want. In fact thinking to not renew some of them. BUT, why would I want to pay you that amount? I wouldn't. I will go elsewhere, or just hang on to my domains. Thanks all the same! But no! The above is what I wrote to them - to me, what I wrote - says Hell no - I do not want this. According to 1 & 1, it actually says - YES, sure I want to renew. Why? They say because I did not use the single word - cancel; thus, I want a contract with them. I signed up; and was excited. BUT the software for the web page kept hanging up. So, I never went back, when the software wouldn't work. In fact - I thought, oh well - live and learn, BUT won't continue with them. Then out of the blue, I get an invoice, not a renewal notice, an actual invoice. Then they sent a second invoice. This is what I replied to them. They have a collection agency after me, to get money. In other words, they are forcing me to renew a contract, or they will come after me for money! Black mailed into a contract! That makes for good sales!!!

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