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    August 03, 2018
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    August 03, 2018 is really bad!!!!!!

    Today is first day. I don't use my domain. Today I purchased the VPS server of Japan. When the payment was completed, the server could not be started. I submitted the work order and they ignored it. Later, in desperation, I reinstalled the server myself. After installation, I found that the IP address was not the IP address they provided to me in the contract. The password is not the one I set. I still can't log in if I try to use the SSL Key. During this period, I found that VPS is not their own server. They are middlemen who resell VPS in other operators. The VPS IP that I track is Vultr. Is it that we use bitcoin to pay for what they think the funds cannot be returned and defraud us of these consumers. Their service is really very bad. You should not choose this service provider in the future. I have already applied for a refund.

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    • Hello, Please do not spread lies about us. We did not ignore you nor we gave you other IP out of the blue. You asked for a re-deployment. 1. You have not ordered any domain from us. 2. You ordered a Japan VPS, we delivered it after the invoice was marked paid (this took time as you paid via bitcoins and it takes time for the bitcoin network to confirm payment) 3. You created a ticket and expected a reply within minutes which we did not as we never advertise 24x7 support, so it does take time to come to your ticket. 4. As per the discussion, I personally checked & everything worked smooth still re-created your VPS on a new node and gave you the new VPS IP. 5. Still you went on to create tickets and started claiming that we are reselling Vultr, which we are definitely NOT. You can verify it with Vultr or I can provide enough proof to show that you are just lying. 6. We processed the refund and still you are bad mouthing us. I request you to not to spread lies.

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