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    September 18, 2018
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    September 18, 2018


    Firstly i would like to tell anyone reading this that this is a true review on 2CO host for just 4 days. i am a blogger and web developer with about 8 years experience and 5 years experience on VPS. i was using a vps and i moved t them because of unlimited traffic, i purchased their VPS300 (almost $60) with 10 cpu cores but after moving my website with about18,000 daily visitors the server was going off like every 5 minutes and the cpu cores were all used up. about 100 cpu load on my server. on my previous host, it has only just 6cpu cores and the server was never loaded even up to 6. To my best of understanding 2CO host doesnt no have the latest hardwares to host a site with a huge traffic. The most annoying part is after cancelling my service on the 7th day with them they told me the do not do refund. STAY AWAY FROM THEM

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    • Thank you for your Review. We have already discuss this within Support ticket. The issue was only with your one website that you have migrated to us. The database was not completely migrated as the size was about 1200 mb. It was running well on old host as it was actually there, but when you migrated on our server, it was broken and because of broken database, there was a loop of request that caused high server load. Find the error logs obtained from your sites: [07-Sep-2018 10:10:01 UTC] WordPress database error Table './hitzgh2_wp396/cerber_traffic' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed for query DELETE FROM cerber_traffic WHERE stamp < 1535710201 made by do_action_ref_array, WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, call_user_func_array, cerber_do_hourly And I'm sure, if you migrate this to any Dedicated Server, you will face same issue as your database is too long and need to migrate professionally. As for refund, We have clearly stated it within our Terms of Services ( that there is no refund or money back guarantee for VPS and Domains and you can order only if you accept all this TOS. Thanks again for your review. Regards 2CO Host

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