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    October 09, 2017
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    October 09, 2017

    Former SIte5

    Maybe this is your situation. You are unhappy after your hosting company sold to a bigger hosting company. That's wasnt a problem really, but when support starts to lack and lack. Are they actually receiving my support tickets because they havent replied in 7 days? Service goes down time after time and your clients think its YOUR fault. Every time you say "we need to move" but you dont because it seems like it would be a hassle and where can you find hosting that was as good as your current hosting used to be before they were sold?. You sit out the storm, but the storm doesnt stop. Your current hosting provider starts changing what made your hosting so great. They ... change...everything. What's left? Besides unhappy clients that do not care. They just want their website to work. So we research and finally give A2 a shot. But not all at once. We start with 1 basic plan and move 1, that was easy...oh and look, they have all these features and capabilities....oh my gosh, this worked! Let's move another website. BANG! Uh oh, I have a question...Wow, support replied within less than a day for that problem. Holy cow! We are migrating away from our current hosting since they have become less than satisfactory for our needs. A2 has been a dream come true. Anyone needing hosting that SIte5 used to be, we have been overjoyed by the services, ease of use, support and the over delivering we have experienced from them..

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