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    May 18, 2020
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    May 18, 2020

    Bad, REALLY bad!

    Perhaps at one time A2 Hosting used to be a good web hosting company, but that time seems to have been long passed. A2 hosting appears to have a larger and larger amount of issues piling up. Not only are they more and more unreliable, but their customer service is slower and slower, almost to the point of being unacceptable! Now the newest issue is that their email filters do not do anything at all that they're designed to do. It's absolute garbage. I set up key words like any email that has the words "sex" and "freespin" in the body of the email message should be discarded... yet I am getting them all the time, every day. It's like the entire business of A2Hosting is a SCAM to get as many people's money as possible... in the meantime they just make it look like (!!!) a serious business... while it's all just a joke, an amateur platform LOOKING LIKE a worthy business. That's where it seems to be heading. Seriously... I would NEVER recommend A2 Hosting to my worst enemies! Like I said, one problem would be understandable and they could fix it... but when you have a constantly mounting amount of issues, I seriously doubt there is any way to save it. Maybe their manager is new or they have hired some people from their competition who are working on DESTROYING A2 Hosting... well, they are doing an excellent job, it's heading to destruction... When I ask them for any compensation, they simply say "Nope..." Once they got your money, you are pretty much screwed. DO NOT TRUST THEM with your hosting!

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