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    September 14, 2009
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    September 14, 2009


    My decision to use Apollo hosting was the single worst decision I have made in my professional career. When I first started with them about 7 years ago, the support was decent and I had few problems. Over the past 5 years, I have had one problem after the next - all due to poor customer service or problems with their servers. I kept telling myself each time we had an issue - whether it being our online shopping cart mysteriously stopping to work or our website going offline inexplicably - that what else could possibly go wrong. I told myself that my website is up, everything is configured correctly, the forms all work, the shopping cart (miva merchant) works, what else could go wrong, I thought. I was wrong again and again. Finally, I had enough and left, but not until their incompetence cost my business approximately $15,000 in lost sales revenue. They just got bought out by another company & just when I thought that things couldn't get worse, once again,wrong!

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