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    September 06, 2017
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    September 06, 2017

    Arvixe & EIG = Scam/Bully/Abuse/Criminal

    Arvixe held my websites hostage, shut me down, told me to take corrective action but refused to grant my any access for 3 days now. No reason given, no action taken, just buy time with every intention to kill my traffics, ruin my SEO, and they think that's funny. They offer no support whatsoever, no phone, no tech, no sales, no billing ... Only online chat based in India that doesn't know anything, couldn't or wouldn't do anything except offering online hookers dating like chat! They are doing this as part of the scam/fraud as commented by hundreds of victims. My advise is please avoid this company like plague. Not only that, you should avoid all hosting company under Endurance International Group = scam, fraud, bully, abuse, downright criminal that should be shut down immediately. Their brand include Hostgator, BlueHost, iPage, SiteBuilder, BigRock,, BuyDomains, ConstantContact, Single Platform, Mojo MarketPlace. Here are just a fraction of the complaints in verbatim (I didn't even pick and choose) from Fraud company! NEVER BUY FROM THEM Service used: Shared They charged me automatically last year. During signup they never mentioned that it would be auto-renewed. There's no option in the control panel to turn off the auto-renewal. I asked them to turn it off and they said that it cann... They just want your money. NO REFUNDS Service used: Shared This is the worst hosting provider around. DO NOT waste your money. their customer support is impossible to deal with and they WILL NOT provide a refund when you find out how horrible they are (even within the 60 refund guarantee period).ow. Thieves & Fraud artists Service used: Dedicated Server Tried their service 2 years ago. It was poor so I cancelled. Had to fight them to get refunded. They invoiced me again last year for no reason stating I renewed service. Had to fight and get credit card company to reverse charges.... One Word Abandon Ship Service used: Shared After three years all was well then everything went south, nothing is working ftp stop working, ssl stooped,Java, sql,php,html freezing. no response from tec support tor two weeks, you would think the government took over. cant wait any longer moving to a real hosting service. owe me $50 Service used: Resellers HORRIBLE - NO RESPONSE - OWE ME $50 - STAY AWAY avoid and runaway dont look back Service used: Shared avoid and runaway dont look back i said Since Arvixe was bought out it is total incompetence. Be afraid, be very afraid. Total incompetence! Service used: Shared Since Arvixe was bought out it is total incompetence. They did a migration and our sites have been ruined ever since. Calloused incompetence and very little communication. Just Left Arvixe Service used: Shared Our 4 sites have been down for over a week in "data migration to new server." No explanation, no defined problem. It is clear that they don't have control over their operations. To be fair, support isn't empowered to do anything, ... Awful Service & UnAuthorized Charges Service used: VPS Poor quality Product and Awful Service....Arvixe also adds UNAUTHORIZED charges WITHOUT NOTICE TO CUSTOMER in violation of their stated Terms of Service and in Violation of California Law. CALIFORNIA LAW PROVIDES METHOD FOR ALL CA... The un-healthiest host on planet earth! Service used: Shared Never ever use them. My account was suspended due to an overdue bill of 4 days or so, and was planning to shift to another host, when i asked for my database backup, they said it is against our policy, you have to pay first and th... Horrible and highly incapable Service used: Shared agree the service is terrible, trying to solve a trivia matter take weeks/months. automated response tickets raised all get passed to some senior who keeps sending out an automated response..... NEVER Recommend this company.... Totally Bullshit!!! Service used: Dedicated Server For the last year it's been really pain in the ass. They closed down all my domains, webmails without any explanation. Through the live chat only after 2 weeks, i found out the my website was hacked and fishing. I fixed the issue,... Nooooooo Never Service used: Shared I ran two sites. HORRIBLE is the best word for their service. Already shifted both of my sites to midphase. Arvixe support is pathetic. For any issues they cannot solve and they will escalate to their superiors and their superiors... Arvixe On-Line Chat Support the Lowest Level Possible Service used: Shared Monday, February 20, 2017 - Yes Presidents Day. If you needed tech support for your website and called Arvixe you were rudely told that phone support was no longer supported and the call disconnected. Terrible Customer Service Service used: Shared I've been with them for two years now and leaving soon. I haven't had a problem with uptime or access to my account, although their management tools are _incredibly_ slow. Their customer service, however, takes the crap cake. A da... Arvixe is trash Service used: Shared My opinion about arvixe is the worst that can have someone on your hosting, after having a problem with the copyright protected material I received a ticket in which I was notified informing me of urls (never of the concrete files... Pathetic dont buy pain Service used: Shared Worst host experience twice server replaced and my site was down for more then a week in total. Support staff misguiding. WARNING - Stay Away Service used: Shared I can honestly give no positive experience except that they took my money instantly without issue. That's it. 10 months with Arvixie and I can remember at least 6 times I went to upload files to my site only to be told "Disk is.. Worst Webhost ever Service used: Shared They used to be good i was a client for 2 years but they augmented the price without any notification, the support guys were never been helpful, and they have a lot of issues. Endless LOOP, They are not the same company in 2007 Service used: VPS 4:07:17 PM Ashish S You just have to post a reply to the ticket GFG-483-86146. Our team will verify it and then provide you the solution. 4:08:09 PM Michael okay, let me try that again. 4:09:15 PM Ashish S Is there anything else... Absolute Lowest of Lows Service used: Shared June 13, 2017 midnight - Since June 4th Iv'e had no email it is now June 13th one of my two sites has been down and dismembered. I've been writing everyday since. multiple tickets open, live support and email responses all same th... Worst Ever Service used: Dedicated Server Their server has been down for a week and counting. We have no email, website functions like blogs are down, our business is nowhere. No explanations or updates. They eliminated their phone support so now it's only online chat. Wh... Do they work at all. I think they are asleep always. Service used: VPS On their server my site caught virus 3rd time. I had to delete everything. It's 7th day since then, they have not activated my emails. My business suffers. Support tales 6 minutes to answer a question that too with a wrong reply. ... Arvixe suspends account and then will not respond – lies and customer hostile. Service used: Shared We have used Arvixe for years and it served us well – than about a month ago they complained that we used to many “inodes” (files) on our “unlimited disk space” account. So, unlimited disk space is, well, limited – so they should ... Awful Service. They do not have enough techs to deal with your technical problems Service used: VPS We have taken their VPS Class server. If you want anything beyond what the chat representatives can do, good luck to you. You can wait for anywhere from 4 to 8 days to get your website fixed. I have two experiences in the past two... host Spammers websites I have made over 9 complaints to recently regarding one of their customers, who has send over 50 spam emails to my account in the past 2 weeks. I have repeatedly asked them to request the client to ... Arvixe is a very bad server Service used: Dedicated Server bad, I contacted so many time the customer service but they never answer. Never. they create tickets but nothing is followed and you wait. i had to spend $100 to fix my website cause Arvixe couldn't fix it and it was coming from their server Worst Hosting Provider Service used: VPS Had their VPS service for 5 years. Was fine until they were bought out and they started changing data centers and support over. From 2016 on we were down on multiple times for 7 days to 14+ days. Support was useless as they would ... Wow, they managed to make my life as miserable as possible Service used: Shared If you decide to use Arvixe you are intellectually disable, that is the best way I can put it. I cant get them to respond to my emails (it has been a month). They don't have a working phone number and you can only talk to Live Chat Reps, wow, I hope you go bankrupt soon. Do Not Use Arvixe Having same problem as most people on here. Got a notice on Jun 24 (weekend - Saturday) that they detected our account was hacked and spam was being sent from it. By next day, Sunday, got another notice that as we didn't respond t...

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