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    November 07, 2012
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    November 07, 2012

    Simple questions unanswered.

    I wanted to know how to control the A records to my web address but couldm't get the simple answer out of them to buy the DNS management package for 8.99. I spent a whole month trying to figure out how to change the A records by myself without the package and it was impossible. Tech support said to buy the hosting package but all a person needs is the DNS control package. I found the DNS package choice buried in the settings by luck and finally bought it so I could make my own A records entries. What a pain!

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    • I ed, we had replied to your support ticket with the following: "Well that would be at your discretion and largely dependent on what you pay for hosting right now. 8.99 a year for DNS management or 19.99 a year for hosting and of course DNS management. The choice is yours, but if you have free hosting as of now I would say just add dns management." Due to the fact that if you were already paying for hosting it would be a superior fiscal choice to simply buy hosting from us and not get the DNS management. However if you were utilizing free hosting that is would be fiscally sensible just to buy DNS management. We are sorry to hear that you are not pleased with our service. Please let us know if there is anything we can to to rectify the situation. Regards, Bitronic Technologies

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