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  • November 03, 2017
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    November 03, 2017

    Thieves from Pakistan

    BlueAngelHost aka Is a Pakistan based hosting service, even though they falsely claim on Google they are from Dubai. How can you trust a service provider that lies from the start? The shared resources are very scarce. Low speeds with high RAM/CPU usage are at the order of the day, even though the traffic will be lacking. When you complain about this, they take an average of 24h to answer your tickets, or they'll just switch the online chat to offline, after telling you online chat is only for sales. Trying to contact them on Skype won't help either, is the same pakistani salesman. After hours of waiting they will try to pass the responsibility to you, saying your scripts are bad, website not optimized, even though wordpress out of the box is as reliable as can be. The solution: "upgrade" to a more expensive service. Their manners are lacking completely, the IT skills poor as for the English, is on the same level as the other "skills" If you manage to piss them off by talking back to them, expect suspension of service and they will keep your data hostage by suspending the FTP access as well. You CAN'T TRANSFER away the domain you host with them, they won't provide EPP code for transfer, EVER, but they WILL TRY TO SELL IT. If your account remains suspended, say bye bye to your data as to your domain. Better keep away and not risk your business. Learn from other people's mistakes.

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