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    August 09, 2017
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    August 09, 2017


    I filed a complaint in the past about Bluehost charging me for services that they were not providing to me, They would continually tell me the problem was being worked on but they had no clue when it would actually be fixed. For months they charged me and never provided the service, but would not give me a refund when I requested it. Finally I filed a complaint with the BBB. I quickly received a response from someone at Bluehost letting me know they'd fixed my website (interesting how they couldn't fix the problem during all those months of my complaining but they immediately fixed the problem when I filed a complaint). They also offered me free months of service to make up for the time I'd lost. Sounds great right? WRONG! I dropped my complaint and accepted their offer because it was to much of a hassle at the time to leave Bluehost. As I said, they offered me free months of service to make up for the time I'd pay for but couldn't manage my site. The problem is I STILL CAN'T MANAGE MY SITE! If it's not one problem its another. My websites haven't run smoothly for more than about a week at a time! So basically THEY STILL HAVEN'T COMPENSATED ME FOR THE SERVICES THEY CHARGED ME FOR BUT NEVER PROVIDED BECAUSE THEY STILL ARE NOT PROVIDING THE SERVICES. And their customer service is horrendous. EVERYTIME I open chat it ends with me wanting to scream the F-bomb and throw my computer across the room. Hate is a strong word, but I HATE bluehost. I would recommend anyone considering using them to LOOK ELSEWHERE for website hosting. save yourself the heading. Your money would be more put to better use being used as toilet tissue in a public urinal. I'm in the middle of working on my dissertation and finishing graduate school so I don't have the time devote the attention needed to finding a new hosting site, but when I finish school in about a month I have ever intention of re-filing my complaint and leaving bluehost. STAY AWAY, for the sake of your own sanity.

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