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    August 16, 2017
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    August 16, 2017

    Was, not so much.

    I have been a long time user of for all of my websites. It's been good for almost 10 years now and 20 or so websites. Until this week. I had to upgrade my VPS to a higher package, no problem since I needed the extra space and bandwidth for all of the traffic. So I thought. Since I purchased the upgrade, my sites have been down for 48 hours. After contacting bluehost 4 times, I found out that the "support ticket" that was supposed to be created, was never created. Then I was told it would be another 48 hours before it would be fixed (with no guarantee that it would get fixed, I might add.) So let's recap. That's a total of 96 hours of website downtime for paying them more money....You'd think they'd try and get that fixed in a hurry? Especially since I've done business with them for 10 years?!? Nope. I don't care that recommends bluehost and have done so forever. Run away. Things are great until they're not, and when they're not, you can expect bluehost to leave you high and dry.

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