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    August 22, 2017
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    August 22, 2017

    Unsafe and unprofessional

    I have been a Bluehost customer for a little over a year now and didn't have a lot of complaints until I found out that another one of their customers was running an ads site on my domain. Somehow they assigned my company domain, I pointed towards their servers, to another user and he was making money out of it. Contacting their support has been pure hell so far. Since day one it's the same story: They can't give me any information over chat but their experts are working on it and they guarantee a response over email the same day. Of course that response never comes and it's just a way of getting you off their chat as quickly as possible. When pressing them for answers they just make you jump through hoops: send a copy of your passport, send a copy of your invoices (which has to be a screenshot as they apparently can't open a pdf themselves), validate and verify over and over again,... To make matters worse, if you stay too long on their chat and they get bored with you, they will just leave and some new operator will join without any context making you start your explanation all over again. Who will ask you to do the same things again. I was very lucky to have my domains registered at another party so I could at least manually point the DNS records away from Bluehost servers and stop the ads and who knows what else from showing up on my domain. Now 3 weeks after the fact I am still waiting for the first sensible answer or action from them or information on what happened. They clearly don't care much about security or their customers in general.

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