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    June 26, 2018
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    June 26, 2018

    don't wait for next day for your refund. They will have a different calculation on the next day.

    They will make you pay for their own mistake. Charge us 1 month for the same subscription we had after calling them way ahead of time to downgrade our subscription. On top of that if you want to refund from your disputed charges deal it the same day because if they tell you they left a note so when you call back again they will know what's going on in your account FLAT OUT LIE. The next person you will talk to will say that the other person you had talk to the other day was wrong and they did their math this suppose to be the charge. ( refund become more lesser than expected maybe if you call again on the next day your refund will become zero. Every person have their different calculation.) and they will tell you they don't know how that representative come up with the noted amount ( that's after 20 mins. Waiting ). As if we come up with the amount ourselves. They are the one who gives us the number and explain the reason and maybe accidentally told you about the mistake on their part. They have recorded voice calls how about hear that so we all are on the same page. I know it's just a penny the amount but we work hard for that. And we don't cut corners in every client we have and even we are small business we value customer and honor our word. That's impirtabt. You don't say your colleague have different calculation than you have.

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