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    February 11, 2019
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    February 11, 2019

    Don't use BlueHost

    Having found GoDaddy slow for Wordpress was looking for options. Tried BlueHost and basically if you want to be completely frustrated and waste your time then use them. Their support looks like it is contracted out with people that are not very good. You ask a simple question and then you wait. Then you get told something either incorrect or misleading. Then when you query it they take ages to get back. Case in point free SSL, it wasn't enabled I asked how to get it switched on. Got directed to their marketplace to buy one. I queried the fact that it was asking me to pay to be told that they can enable a free one. Now the next pathetic response was it would take 4 hours to be activated. I don't remember having to deal with anything this bad, or maybe I am used to picking up the phone to GoDaddy to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about and gets it resolved immediately.

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    • Just as an update I had enough of them after being kicked out of the admin page and no longer able to connect. Account now cancelled hoping there won't be issues with getting the refund!

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