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    July 31, 2019
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    July 31, 2019

    Bluehost Migration Review My Experience of blood and tears-2019

    Share my real Badly experience with Bluehost Webhost Migration From 20th,July,2019 ~ 31th,July,2019(Today) I got a domain, a shared host ,a business email on bluehost before. Recently I decide to upgrade My Shared host to Bluehost Vps which is my badly dream Paid to bluehost at 20th,July,2019 to upgrade from shared host to a vps, They start migration from 24th,July,2019, Today is 31th,July still under migrationOn 26th,27th,28th ,July,2019 , We connected bluehost by telephone and Live chat ,Everytime is said 48-72 hours ,couple of hours to finished It really confuse me,File size of My site is 1000M running on lamp centos 7.0, what is the speed of the file transfering between 2 host? 1KB,5KB,20KB? MY customer is request to acess my siteGoogle webmaster is keep on send me infomation about my site,it is bad to SEO I worked with Bluehost following Below steps Step1: 20th,July,2019 Before my upgraded plan,I talked with bluehost If shared host can direct upgrade to VPS server ,They said yes Step2: 20th,July,2019 So I purchased the upgrade plan which cost me $660 ,Yes,I got an email from bluehost Step3: 24th,July,2019,at 7:00 pm, 4 days after purchased I found my site is not accessible, Maybe they are start the migration,I thought , But not any email notified me from bluehost Step4: 26th,July,2019, 10:00 AM, 39 hours past,My site is still unaccessiable So i call bluehost,A man there said it is still under migration Step 5: 27th,July,2019, 10:00 AM, 51 hours past,My site is still unaccessiable,My customer is request my site,and my business email on bluehost is un-worktable So i call bluehost again, A man there said it is still under migration Step 6: 27th,July,2019 ,afternoon I talk to bluehost by livechat ,Need couples of days.. Step 7: 28th,July,2019, 10:00 AM, My site is still unaccessiable,So i call bluehost again, A man there said it is still under migration, need 24-48hours 28th,July,2019 ,afternoon I talk to bluehost by livechat ,he had open a new ticket for their specialist. Step8:30th,July,2019 bluehost by livechat I tell them said I want to move my domain out from bluehost as I have not much time,because customers is request to access my site and my business email on bluehost is not worktable for more than 1 week I need to start a new plan But Bluehost said that My account is locked because of the un-finished migration Step9: I write to to request a extra time,Not any reply for past 11 day, The only email I got from bluehost is only when i finished payment Not bluehost,Never bluehost

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